Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles thrive in homes, museums, warehouses and other places where food exists. The young beetles look like tiny, hairy worms, and they like to feed in dark, undisturbed places like behind baseboards, under furniture, and in closets. They are often confused with other pests likebed bugsfleas. Proper identification is key. Depending on your location, one type of carpet beetle may be more common than others. Consult yourlocal cooperative extension servicefor help识别你的害虫.

As the name suggests, carpet beetles are important pests in wool carpets and rugs. In addition to wool, carpet beetles can feed on silk, hair, feathers, and fur. They may also feed on plant materials, including books, grains, spices, and pet foods. They do not eat man-made materials but they have been found in items that have both man-made and natural fibers.

Control tips:

  • 地毯,家具和储藏室的常规除尘和吸尘可以减少繁殖场地和食物来源的数量。
  • Store attractive items like opened foods, fur coats and leather in sealed, airtight containers.
  • Check flowers and used furniture for the presence of any pest before bringing them into your home.
  • Sunning fabrics can make the larvae leave the fabric in search of a dark place to hide.
  • 干洗将在衣服上杀死地毯甲虫。热干燥器也可以有效。
  • If carpet beetles keep coming back after treatment, consider looking in air ducts for dusty debris and in the attic for animal nests or carcasses.
  • 如果您决定使用杀虫剂read and follow label directions和make sure the pesticide is intended for treating carpet beetles.

If you have questions about this, or any pesticide-related topic, please call NPIC at1-800-858-7378(上午8:00 - 12:00 PM PST),或发送电子邮件给我们npic@ace.orst.edu..


Carpet Beetles

  • 确认物种before choosing a treatment strategy. Carpet beetles are often confused with other bugs.
  • 定位并治疗侵扰部位。
  • Look for larvae in dark, undisturbed areas. Larvae may be light or dark-colored, and look like robust worms.
  • Check behind baseboards and under furniture.
  • Check stored food, pet food, lint, dust, books, and natural fiber rugs and fabrics.
  • Infested items can be removed, frozen, dry-cleaned or otherwise heat-treated. Sunlight may drive larvae out of fabrics.
  • Seek out and remove any animal nests or carcasses from attics and basements.
  • 为了防止重新侵犯,限制在家中的食物,动物头发和棉绒的可用性。
  • Store wool, furs, and food in insect-proof containers.
  • 在将它们携带之前检查鲜花,以避免带入成年甲虫。
  • 如果您选择使用杀虫剂,read the label在你买之前。试试吧lower toxicityproduct first.

If you have a pesticide product in mind, have your label handy and点击这里有关该产品的信息。


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